1. Is ordering products through your webstore the only way to purchase them?

No. We also have stores in Vilnius and Kaunas, where products can be chosen and purchased at the location. We accept both cash and card payments.

2. Can products ordered on the webshop be picked up at the physical stores in Vilnius or Kaunas?

Yes. Just choose in-store pick up when ordering (whether Vilnius or Kaunas) and then you can pick up your order for no aditional cost.

3. How long do deliveries take?

Products that are in stock at the time of purchase are dispatched as quickly as possible and take 1-2 working days to arrive within Lithuania. Deliveries to other countries take longer depending on the destination country. Deliveries are only sent out and travel during working days.

4. What do the different order statuses mean?

  • Laukiama apmokėjimo (Awaiting payment) – through the system we use (Banklink), we receive payments within a couple of minutes at most. If payment by bank transfer was chosen – we check bank transfer 2 times a day, if we se that the transfer has gone through we change the status manually.
  • Apmokėjimas gautas, prekė ruošiama (Payment received, preparing items) – this means that payment from your side was received and we are preparing the delivery or waiting for the product to come back in stock (If the order was a pre-order)
  • Užsakymas įvykdytas (Order complete) – means your items were given to the courier for delivery or are awaiting pickup at the store.
  • Išankstinis užsakymas (Pre-order) – means your items are currently out of stock at our stores and we are going to be ordering them from our suppliers.

5. Can every item in the webstore be bought at the physical shops?

Every product that is marked as ”in stock” on the webstore is also available at the shop in Vilnius and can be purchased there. Not every product is available at the Kaunas store, contact us on Facebook or through our other contacs to inquire about availability.

6. What payment methods are accepted at your stores?

We accept payments in both cash and card (Visa and MasterCard).

7. Do orders have to be payed in advance?


8. Can products not currently on your webstore be ordered through you?

Yes, contact us at uzsakymai@stalozaidimai.eu, with the product details of the item you want to order and we will check its availability.


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