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Warning! Product unsuitable for children below the age of 3. Possible choking hazard.

Product releases on the 29th of April.

Streets of New Capenna offers the glitz of a city filled with power—and the grime of corruption that power brings with it. A city that looms as large as New Capenna exudes power and luxury, thanks to the five families you’ll find here.

Each of the five families that vie for strength—and profits—in New Capenna take more than just one or two colors. Family means business in this city, and being aligned with dealmakers and muscle looking out for you can make all the difference when there are four more families ready to take you out. With wealth and power comes luxury, as the families of New Capenna can show off all three with beautiful locales to host their efforts—legal and otherwise.

Set Boosters are awesome ways to expand—or get started with—your Magic collection. Each Set Booster tells a “story” of sorts, with thematically connected common and uncommon cards, an art card showing off some of the incredible visuals throughout the set, and a guaranteed traditional foil card in every booster, plus opportunities to open more than one rare or mythic rare and a card from The List—cards from across Magic history that feel right at home in the set.

Each booster pack contains 12 randomly selected cards.

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