SpaceCorp: 2025-2300AD (2018)


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Warning! Product unsuitable for children below the age of 3. Possible choking hazard.

SpaceCorp: 2025-2300 AD is a fast-playing board game in which one to four players explore and develop outer space over three eras. Each player controls an Earth-based enterprise seeking profit by driving the expansion of humanity into the Solar System and beyond.

Each of the three eras is played on a different board:

  • The first era, Mariners, covers exploration and development out to Mars.
  • In Planeteers, players settle the outer solar system.
  • In Starfarers, players send missions to nearby star systems and establish interstellar colonies.

The game is based on Ejner Fulsang’s SpaceCorp book, the first of the Galactican Series.

Players: 1-4
Playing Time: 60-240 minutes
Age: 12+

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SpaceCorp: 2025-2300AD (2018)
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