In this privacy policy we provide information, on jow we collect, utilise, store and manage your private information, which is why we recommend thoroughly reading this Privacy Policy before using our services.

If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, we recommend not interacting with our website.

1. Data collection:

1.1 We only collect and manage your private information, if it is necessary to deliver your purchased products or verify your purchase.

1.2 Necessary data: Registration Information (e-mail, Name, Last Name, Mobile Phone number, Address).

1.3 Update Messages – we only send messages in regard to the status of your order and changes to it and messages in regards to changes to your account name or password. We do not send advertisements.

1.4 Analytical data: we collect purchase history, payment history, your product reviews, communication history.

2. Private data protection

2.1 The Buyer can order products from the webstore by:

2.1.1 Registering an account and providing the information required during registration.

2.1.2 Without registering and providing the required information at the time of purchase.

2.2 The Buyer, while ordering products through the methods described in article 2.1, the Buyer has to provide the information necessary for the completion of the order: name, last name, delivery address, mobile phone number and e-mail.

2.3 By accepting these rules, the Buyer agrees, that the information provided as described before in article 2.2 be managed by the website for analytical and transactional purposes.

2.4 By assenting to these rules, the Buyer also agrees to receive messages through e-mail or mobile phone, that are necessary for order completion purposes.

2.5 By registering an account on the website, the Buyer is obliged to keep his account login information secret and not to disclose it a third party.

3. We only collect information through the channels and methods disclosed above for clear and law abiding goals. Private information is not handled in any way that conflicts with what was stated before.

4. You have the right to, at any time, to refuse to allow us to use your information, because it is handled due to a mutual agreement. However, without access to the appropriate information, we have no ability to fulfill orders.

5. Data sharing:

5.1 While attempting to fulfill orders or provide services, we might share your information with third parties. Only information necessary for order fulfillment or services provided will be shared.

5.2 In the event of legal proceedings, your information could be shared with certain third parties:

5.2.1 Government institutions, in accordance with the laws of  the Republic of Lithuania.

5.2.2 In response to a legal request by a notary public, the police or other such government institutions, due to ongoing legal proceedings or investigations.

5.3 Data will only be shared with our trusted partners, that ensure the our products and services are carried out.

5.4 Our partners ensure the safety of private information in accordance with the “EU-US Privacy Shield”

6. Data storage:

6.1 Your personal information is stored for as long as necessary for the fulfillment of your orders , but no shorter than we are required to by the laws and articles of the Republic of Lithuania. Your personal information, that is managed due to a mutual agreement, is managed until you revoke your agreement.

7. Familiarisation with the information:

7.1.1 E-mail:

7.1.2 Mobile phone +370 610 625 29

8. Request to delete personal information:

8.1 You have the right to request that we stop managing the personal information you have given us and delete it. Your personal information will be deleted immediately upon receiving your request.

8.2 Unfortunately, we will be unable to immediately delete your information, if upon receiving your request we will find that:

8.2.1 They are still necessary to complete outstanding orders or services

8.2.2 You have not actually revoked your agreement
8.2.3 Your information is necessary for ongoing legal proceedings or investigations in regards to us
8.2.4 Your information is necessary for ongoing legal proceedings or investigations in the Republic of Lithuania or the European Union

8.3 Requests for personal information deletion can be sent through:

8.3.1 e-mail:
8.3.2 Mobile Phone: +370 610 625 29
9. Information correction:

9.1 You can correct your personal information by logging in to your personal profile on the website and correcting the information within.


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